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Quick start guide

Welcome to empowr!

This page is full of information to help you learn about the platform and become a successful empowrian. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the "LEARN HOW" button in the top bar of almost any page in empowr.

If you don’t understand any term (for example Power level, Mission Performance or Daily Goal) simply click the term in the Table of Contents to learn more about it. You can also speak with your own free success coach at any time.

Table of Contents

Quick Start Guide

No cost to participate
It is free to post, comment, or Like anything on You might even get paid for it!


“Likes” are how you say you like someone's post or comment.

To Like, simply click on the Like link at the bottom of the comment/post.

When you Like someone’s post, you’re helping them earn. That’s because ALL Likes generate earnings for the person who posted the content.


When you’re first starting out, commenting on other people's posts can be a great way to get involved and connect with people! Commenting on someone’s post also helps them earn.


Your profile
Your profile is where you show your posts to the world.

By visiting your profile, everyone can help you earn by commenting on or Liking your posts


Fans and Friends
In empowr, you can follow someone by clicking “Become a fan” in the center of their profile, or request to become their friend.

However, there is no need to accumulate lots of fans and friends in empowr, as your posts are automatically shown to people in your area on the days that you post something.

As soon as you post anything, the empowr platform gets to work for you, showing your post to other empowr citizens.


Make your first post
To create a post, simply click on the "Post" link in the upper left corner of any profile.

You can choose to add one or more photos to your post, or add a video that’s hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Instead of a simple post, you can create a blog post, by clicking “Blog” in the left navigation bar, and then click “New Post”.


Get paid
Earning on empowr is designed to be incredibly easy.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Post something now.

Don’t over think it. For example, try posting a simple message such as “Hello empowrians – I have arrived!”

2.  As soon as you post, the empowr platform gets to work for you, showing your post to other empowr citizens.

Pretty easy, huh? There is no need to spend time adding “fake” friends and followers, like on other platforms, before you’re getting viewers, Likes and earnings.

3.  When others Like or comment on your post, you earn.

Tomorrow you’ll get your revenue statement by email.  You’ll also notice your earnings in your empowr wallet.  Can it get any easier?

4.  After others help you earn by Liking or commenting on your post, it’s time to return the favor. 

You do that by Liking or commenting on their posts. Each and every Like and comment helps them earn.

5.  When you help them earn, the loop at the top right of their profile automatically closes.

“Closing the loop” means that you’ve Liked or commented on their posts.

It means that, like a good neighbor, you’ve done your part to help them. The empowr platform then takes it from there -- showing your latest posts to the people you’ve closed loops with.

After you close the loop with someone, click the big right arrow on the right, to proceed to the next profile.

6.  The more loops you close, the more people you’re helping. And the more people will help you earn.

When have you closed enough loops? When you’ve hit your Daily Goal. Look to the top right of any profile to see how close you are to hitting your Daily Goal today.

Earning is simple.  And it’s a fun way to read interesting posts and meet people near you.


Maximize your earnings
Simply follow these three (3) easy steps to grow your earnings:

A.   Try and post something daily:   Your posts are shown to others when you’ve posted something in the last 24 hours.

On the days you don’t post, you won’t earn much or at all.  Posting can take as little as 5 or 10 seconds.

B.  Close loops with many people:  The more people you help earn, the more people will help you earn

Remember, the platform only shows you to people that you’ve closed the loop with.

Closing the loop is as simple as Liking or commenting on one or two of their posts.

C.  Try and hit your Daily Goal every day.

Hitting your Daily Goal maximizes the number of people that will visit your posts to help you earn.

Hitting your Daily Goal also pops up the Mission Wheel. You spin the wheel to win prizes such as empowr Coins.

To learn more about earning on empowr, you can speak with your free success coach.


Your Power Level
Everyone in empowr has a power level.  Power levels starts at Orange Basic.

Your Power Level increases automatically when you’re ready and your pre-coin balance allows.

Your Power Level determines many of your benefits in empowr such as:
  • Higher earnings from your posts
  • Higher daily limits on posting, sharing, bidding and listings
  • The size of prizes on the Mission Wheel when you hit your Daily Goal
  • Maturation
  • Discounts when you buy anything
  • Transaction fees when you sell anything
  • Free Ads
  • Access to roles like coaching, transporting and community administering
  • And much more


Coins, pre-coins and U.S. Dollars are the three forms of currency accepted in empowr. 

In empowr, you earn and win official empowr Coins and pre-coins as follows:
  • You earn pre-coins when others Like or comment on your posts. The mission wheel converts pre-coins to Coins.
  • You earn Coins from services and products you provide (sell) to other empowr citizens


Mission Points
Along with empowr Coins, you can earn Mission Points by:
  • selling a product or service
  • earning as a success coach
  • introducing merchants to empowr
  • inviting friends and helping them succeed
  • shopping in empowr
Mission Points are a great way to measure your overall performance within empowr. 

The Mission Wheel awards you with prizes based on how many Mission Points you have earned.

The Mission Wheel automatically pops up when you hit your Daily Goal.

Your Daily Goal
Each day, you’ll want to post a few things; Comment or “Like” some of your fellow empowrian’s posts; and list a new service you can offer (or a thing you have lying around the house) for sale.

As you do that, you’ll notice at the top right of any profile, that you get closer to hitting your Daily Goal.

If you don’t finish hitting your Daily Goal, your results automatically carry forward to make it easier to hit your goal the next day.

As soon as you hit your Daily Goal, the Mission Wheel pop ups, allowing you to spin for prizes including empowr Coins and empowr pre-coins.

Also, when you make a sale (and the buyer presses “Item Received”) that counts as a new “listing” towards your future Daily Goals, so you’ll be able to list fewer new things to hit your Daily Goal.


Mission Wheel
When you hit your Daily Goal, the Mission Wheel pops up. Spin the wheel it to win Coins and pre-coins.

Prizes on the wheel will be paid in Coins, as well as specialized Coins that can be utilized for shopping in the empowr marketplace.

The wheel delivers millions of Coins to empowr citizens monthly.

The size of the prizes on the wheel are determined by:

A.  The number of Mission Points you’ve earned in the last 30 days
B.  Your Mission Role – between 2 and 10 times larger based on your Mission Role
C.  Your Power Level


Mission Performance
Everywhere you see someone’s profile photo, you’ll notice a ring around their photo:

(Notice the light green colored ring in the above image).

Here’s what the Mission Performance ring communicates:
The empowr citizen in this example has generated Mission Points (in the current month) equal to 55% of that of empowr’s top performers. (Notice that the light green ring goes 55% around the full circle).

The color of the ring indicates his performance very clearly. 

If the ring’s color is:

  • White = 0% of your goal (no mission points)
  • Grey = below 25% of your goal
  • Light Yellow = below 50% of your goal
  • Orange = below 75% of your goal
  • Light Blue = below 100% of your goal
  • Light Green = 100%+ of your goal



Mission Goal
Everywhere you see someone’s profile photo, you’ll notice a little blue arrow pointing into their photo:

The blue arrow shows the citizen’s Mission Goal for the month.

Here’s how the Mission Goal works:

Everyone’s Mission Goal is automatically set on the last day of each month, and remains the same all month – until the last day of the following month (when it is reset again).

The Mission Goal is personalized to each citizen. It is set based on removing 10% of the distance between the citizen, and the top performers.


For our example, let’s say that the top performers have an average of, say, 1,000 Mission Points (that they earned in the last 30 days)...

... and let’s say that this citizen earned 550 points in the last 30 days.

Clearly, this citizen is 450 points (1,000 – 550 = 450) away from the top performers.

His Mission Goal for the month will be to get 10% closer to the top performers – removing 10% of the 450 point difference (= 45 points).


·    His ring will be 55% full - since in our example he has 55% of the mission points of the top performers.
     His Mission Goal for next month will be to remove 10% of the distance between himself and the top performers, as follows:
o    10% of the 450 point difference between him and the top performers = 45 points
o    Therefore, his Mission Goal will be to achieve 595 (= 550 + 45) Mission Points – which is 59.5% of the top performers.

Conclusion of example

So, his ring will be 55% full.
It will be colored light green.
And his Mission Goal arrow will point to the 59.5% spot on the ring.

If Math is not your thing, that's OK! Just keep moving forward until you hit your Mission Goal! You hit your Mission Goal when the color in the ring around your photo turns green.

Mission Role
empowr’s mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

With each action you take within empowr, you’re helping to build the empowr economy, moving it closer to the successful achievement of its mission.

When you first join empowr, you’re automatically an empowr volunteer.  If you like, you can choose to take on a larger role such as:

Mission Supporter
Mission Ambassador
Mission Visionary
Mission Pioneer
Mission Founder

The benefits of Mission Roles include:
·         larger daily earnings from your posts
·         bonus daily share and post limits
·         free advertising for your posts

In addition, the prizes on the Mission Wheel automatically grow much larger with your Mission Role -- from two times larger (Mission Supporter) all the way up to ten times larger (Mission Founder)!

To take on a larger Mission Role, simply click or drag the “Daily Earnings” slider at the top center of any profile.


All empowr Coins in your empowr wallet can be utilized to buy anything in the empowr ecosystem and marketplace.

Coins held or spent from your empowr wallet do not incur blockchain transaction fees, unlike most external wallets.

Before they can be transferred to your external wallets, earned Coins must mature 90 days from the month you earned them in. Fully matured Coins can be transferred to external wallets.

Your Reputation
empowr citizens rate each other as sellers (and buyers), product sharers (and product users), and transporters (and transportees).

To get you started on the right foot, all new empowr citizens are rated at 5 stars.

From there, you should be doing everything you can to take good care of your customers to maintain a very high rating.

By doing that, you, your profile and your products and services will be seen many times more in the marketplace and feed stories.

And as a customer, you should be doing everything possible to keep the sellers, sharers and transporters highly satisfied.

Why? Buyers with low ratings are blocked from most marketplace opportunities.


Transferring Coins to external wallets
You can transfer any of your mature Coins to your Ethereum wallets outside of empowr.


The community is looking for you to add your own personal touch to your blog posts.

Plagiarizing, that is posting someone else's work as if it were your own, is very frowned upon by the empowr community.

If you are using anyone else's material as part of your posts (including images) - please cite your sources.

Also, make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws if you are using someone else's material/images. Limited, sourced material sharing is OK under fair use and fair dealing doctrines.


Password security
Your empowr account is worth real money. Treat your empowr password like you would your bank password, and keep it secure!


Get help
All empowr citizens are entitled to a success coach that they can reach out to, for free, any time they have questions.

To ask your success coach anything, look for their photo and the words “Ask me” in the top bar of virtually any page on empowr.


Switching success coaches
You have a choice when it comes to success coaches.

You can view all the available success coaches that speak your language, in the Success Coach Leaderboard.

Before you choose a success coach, you can compare and contrast coaches by a number of performance measurements, such as their student success level, student happiness and even how fast they respond to questions, on average.